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Continium Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company offering electronic design services for different kinds of Integrated Circuit (IC) products (ASIC application-specific integrated circuits, ASSP application-specific standard products). Continium’s engineering team possesses overall 150 men years of electronic circuit experience with world-leading expertise in data converters (ADC analog-to-digital converters / DAC digital-to-analog converters), especially broadband CTSD ADC (continuous-time Sigma-Delta converters). Members of Continium’s team participated in the design of the ever-first commercially available CTSD converter, the ADC12EU050, as well as some smartphone products XMM71. Having long-time experience in Silicon-proven CTSD ADC products gives us a strong competitive advantage and significantly reduces the development risk. Continium’s world-class innovative chip design differentiates us from giant companies whose strategy, to scale their existing IC products down (e.g. 14nm – 7nm FinFET), makes it difficult for them to create innovation in this field and thus significantly reduces power consumption. Our team members, who have been cooperating for years, demonstrate market-proven experience which is about to be used for another world-leading high-performance IC solution.

Continium’s Design
competencies and service offer:

We support you during the semiconductor process technology selection suitable for your product development:

We support your ASIC product supply chain by:

The Continium’s founders have, in contrast to many other development teams in the world, not only invested a notable amount of effort and time in thorough research work on the topic of analog circuit design, but also spent numerous years on developing ADCs most of which are in high-volume mass production. Their know-how and in-house expertise give Continium Technologies a very strong competitive advantage in notable reductions of development risks. This is recognized as the core value of the company, including the expertise in the fields:

Analog and mixed-signal circuit design:

Digital and Logic Circuit design

Design Database conversion and post-processing like Netlist converter/translator

On average Continium design team has more than 20 years of design experience with different CMOS and BiCMOS technologies all the way down to the 22nm technology nodes.