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About us

Continium Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company offering electronic design services for different kinds of Integrated Circuit products. Continium’s engineering team possesses 150 men years of electronic circuit experience with world-leading expertise in data converters, especially broadband continuous-time Sigma-Delta converters. View more

Design competences and service offer:

Continium’s silicon IP cores

Our Team Leaders

Our team consists of world-class analog chip designers, all based in Europe with experience in leading the development of world-leading products for wireless, automotive, and instrumentation & measurement applications

Dr. Richard Izak
ADC/DAC analog IC designer

After his A-level (Matura) on gymnasium for mathematic talents in Pressburg (est. 1626) he studied electrical engineering at TU Ilmenau. Already during his diploma thesis in 1995 he designed his first ADC for UV sensor dosimeter. 1996, upon his Dipl-Ing./MSc graduation Richard started his post-graduate research study in the field of analog neuromorphic auditory VLSI systems and implemented different CMOS version of spiking neurons… view more

Reinhard Kindt
ADC/DAC system architect and Mixed-Signal designer

Reinhard studied Electrical Engineering at TU Chemnitz and started 1974 working at Funkwerk Erfurt as system engineer for process control in the VLSI foundry. Since 1977 he changed to CAD design group working on in-house system level and logic simulators for CPU-clones of U880, i286 and Micro-VAX. In 1999 he joined the Institute IMMS and Richard’s ADC group where he was responsible for system level design of switched-capacitor… view more

 Meet a Crew of Professionals

Experienced Digital & Mixed-Signal Design engineers
Experienced Analog Design engineers
Application engineer for FPGA & PCB design
RF-System Design engineer
Experienced Layout engineers
Experienced advisors

Our Advisory Board

 Guarantee Of The Project Success

Peter Hospodar
Strategic Planning and Finance

“Our team members, who have been cooperating for years, demonstrate market proven experience which is about to be used for another world-leading innovative High-performance Single-Chip Solution.”

Jozef Bujnovsky
Business Development

“We know that functional infrastructure is a prerequisite for a green and digital future.”

Kamil Soltys
Data & Infrastructure

“One from many proofs of innovation competence is the fact, that the very first commercially available CTSD analog-to-digital converter ever was designed and developed by our team and launched in 2008.”

Career opportunities

Become a part of analog high performance team!

Analog IC Designer
Physical Layout Designer
Digital HDL Circuit Designer
Lab Verification Engineer
Project Manager for Electronics
Mixed-Signal IC Designer

Importance of 5G

Besides Semiconductors, wireless communication is one of the most important business sectors and thus one of the fastest-evolving industries in recent times. However, the biggest value of 5G will not come from connecting humans only, but from its ability to provide seamless connectivity to various infrastructures, machines, and devices. 5G offers till recently unknown possibilities in terms of data transfer.

3,5 billion 5G subscribers in 2026*

3,5 bln
200 millions

*Ericsson Mobility Report 2020

Find out more:

IEEE future networks webinars
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Mathworks special edition on 5G Phased Array Technologies Microwave Journal, Sep 2019
International Network Generation Roadmap (IEEE)
Read more at IEEE
Problem with 5G

“Data bandwidth vs. energy consumption requirements create bottlenecks for BTS producers and make MobCom providers pay higher prices due to obsolete semiconductor products.”


Power consumption of a 5G base station is 3x LTE. Read more


5G needs 3x more base stations for same coverage as 4G-LTE. Read more


5G base station costs 4x price of LTE. Read more

Our solution

Integrated circuit solution offering:
4x Higher receiver sensitivity 
10x Smaller form factor 
Reduced Bill of Materials 
5x Shorter production and test time 
4x Lower power consumption 
Our solution is a ASIC integrated wireless receiver with Continuous Time Sigma Delta Analog-to-Digital Converter which will enable base station manufacturers to develop 5G BTS systems supporting very high bandwidth at low power dissipation, at low cost (eliminating external components) and with a very small form factor. The advanced multi-channel single-chip receiver ASIC significantly reduces expensive and obsolete components used in the base station receivers nowadays and thus paves the way towards beam-forming active antenna arrays. View more


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