Use of Cookies

Our websites use cookies to ensure a better and more user-friendly environment along with a more effective scanning of their performance all of which allow for a more effective further use of marketing tools (specifically data analysis and retargeting). Cookies are small text files created by websites on users` devices at the very moment the users enter them. Cookies are used due to the fact, that no website has its own memory to remember users` visits, settings, and behavior. As mentioned above, cookies are text files, not a software, and cannot therefore be run as a program. Cookies cannot copy themselves and cannot be sent and spread across the web. Your internet browser can, however, send relevant cookies to the specific website you are currently browsing as soon as you enter it, which will then show in your browser`s setting and the analytics systems will continue with collecting your non-personal data.

Types of Cookies

  • Necessary cookies – These cookies are key for enabling core functionality of our websites and allow you for using all website functions we provide you with.
  • Performance/Analytics cookies – These cookies help us understand, monitor and improve our website, services and your behavior by recording things like what pages are being looked at and for how long.
  • Functional cookies – These cookies let us remember your decisions you make while on our websites, such as your language preferences.
  • Customization cookies – We use these cookies to ensure the most relevant and the most interesting content for yourself. They may also be used for targeted advertising or to reduce the number of times an advertising is shown to you. These cookies help us evaluate the effectivity of our advertising campaigns.

How Do I Disable Cookies?

  • Select “Reject” in the pop-up window below informing you about the cookies used. This will forbid us from sending the Google platforms the demographics and data used for targeting.
  • Turn off the JavaScript in your browser – this method can, however, influence and/or narrow down the functionality of any website. The extent can vary from one browser to another.
  • Disable third party cookies – by disabling third party cookies, we will no longer be able to personalize your visit on our websites. The extent varies from one browser to another.
  • Disable customization cookies by various AdBlock add-ons, VPN tools or by selecting to unsubscribe on

How Do We Protect Your Data?

We have sufficient arrangements in place to ensure safe storage, protection and processing of data, by which we protect the data from unauthorized access, stealing, disposal or any breach to them. We do not publish the specific arrangements due to safety reasons.

Changes to the Regulation of Personal Data Protection

Continium Technologies s.r.o. has the right to amend and update this document. The latest version of the regulation will always be immediately available on this website.

Consent to the Regulation

By using this website, you agree to the Privacy Protection and Cookie Use regulations. Should you disagree with any point of the regulations, please feel free to use one of the methods mentioned above in order to disable data collections and processing. In case of definite disagreement, please refrain from using our websites.

By agreeing to the regulations, your rights, as according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), remain the same. For more information on GDPR, check our privacy policy on our website. You have the right to know which of your data we keep, and you can request their removal just as you can change your preferences. Should you have any questions or desire more information, get in touch at peter.hospodar(at)

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