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Operators Starting to Face Up to 5G Power Cost

Robert Clark /Light Reading, Oct. 2019

” Chinese operators, which have already deployed around 80,000 base stations…”

“Huawei estimates that by 2026 Chinese operators will have deployed 4.75 million 5G macro base stations and another 9.5 million small cells using mmWave.”

5G Base Station Deployments; Open-RAN Competition & HUGE 5G BS Power Problem

Alan Weissberger (IEEE ComSoc Technology Blog); Aug. 2020

“Total 5G base stations in China are projected to exceed 600,000 in 2020….”

” By the end of 1st Half of 2020, the three major Chinese mobile network operators, including China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom, had built more than 250,000 5G base stations in China…..”

Speedtest: OOKLA 5G Map

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