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Wireless 5G base station transceiver

Wireless 5G base station transceiver (0.5GHz receiver Rx with CTSD ADC, 1GHz transmitter with DAC)

Our CTSD ADC product idea for wireless receivers is the ultimate solution to all 5G deployment challenges postulated in 2019 by Zhengmao Li (VP of China Mobile) as they counteract all three issues at once:

  • 5G needs 3x more base stations for the same coverage as 4G-LTE due to higher frequencies => higher receiver sensitivity allows larger cell size
  • Power consumption of a 5G base station is 3x LTE => OPEX saving by applying CTSD ADCs
  • 5G base station costs 4x price of LTE => CAPEX saving by higher integration level of CTSD ADCs

The development of this product is in general a very big challenge for a development team. It requires best-in-class experts in several very different fields of analog, digital, and mixed-signal design. Teams which offer the necessary mixture of experts are at the moment not available and very difficult to establish.

In addition, such development involves a very high, and in numbers very difficult to predict, financial risk to companies that have never worked in this field before. These are the reasons why up to now no modern wireless receiver CTSD ADC product for BTS units is available on the market although the customers have been demanding it for at least 10 years.

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