Press Releases

25. April 2023:
Continium Technologies s.r.o.  as technical and project lead delivered project application for a JU SNS project for a specific 6G wireless chip development topic, together with our industrial partners Ceragon, RunEL, Beyond Semiconductor, and Argo Semiconductors. View more.

1. April 2023:
Continium Technologies s.r.o. became a full member (SME) of the 6G Smart Networks and Services Industry Association, the voice of European Industry and Research for next-generation networks and services, to contribute to Europe’s leadership on 5G, 5G evolution, and SNS/6G research. The 6G-IA represents the private side in both the 5G Public Private Partnership (5G-PPP) and the Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU).

31. March 2023:
Continium s.r.o. Slovakia received positive notification for its IPCEI µE application. The research project includes the development of µW data converters (Nyquist ADC, DAC) for memristor pattern stimulation and readout, as well as 500MHz and 6GHz CTSD ADC for 6G beamforming antennas. This development is set up with large European wireless communication companies, our IPCEI partners.
Besides both topics, Continium will develop data converters for Battery management systems for diagnostics.
For this purpose, we increase our design expertise and are hiring ASIC design engineers.

24. Nov. 2022:Continium Technologies s.r.o. as technical and project lead delivered a project application for an EDF (European Defense Fund) project for a specific radar chip development with its industrial partners Eldes, Ilmsense, Beyond Semiconductor, and Wimmic. Continium’s EDF project application has been supported by the Slovak Ministry of Defense since this was the first-ever application of a Slovak company for EU funded military project and  even more,
Continium overtook successfully the administrative and technical leadership. View more

05. April 2022: Continium Technologies s.r.o. and Continium Technologies KG have delivered their project application (SIRIUS) within Horizon EU funded project for a specific topic “Advanced multi-sensing systems (Photonics Partnership)” with its industrial partners Altran/Capgemini Engineering, NXP, Valeo, Rectangle, and Fraunhofer IMS Duisburg as well as technical universities of Catalunya (UPC) and Eindhoven. Continium will develop a coherent Lidar on-chip receiver consisting of a TIA and CTSD ADC integrated into CMOS/SOI technology.
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31. March 2022: Continium Technologies s.r.o. received its initial comments to its IPCEI Microelectronics project proposal and is presently working on the reviewer suggestions for the improved Project portfolio.

17. December 2021: Continium Technologies s.r.o. delivered its final IPCEI application to the Slovak Ministry of Economy for review and final approval at the European Union level. The team around Jozef Bujnovsky, Peter Hospodar, and Richard Izak worked last 3 months intensively on the 100-page application form (Project portfolio) and the Financial Calculations (Funding gap as XLS table). The R&R topics of Continium include the design of two different wireless receivers integrated with massive MIMO algorithms on the chip. The Research phase for each will last over 2 years, followed by an industrial deployment phase of 1 year. Together with our Slovak business partner and direct IPCEI participant Bizzcom s.r.o.,from  SK-91928 Bučany ( and the Slovak Academy of Science (, we will collaborate on the development of a new generation of memristor and an integrated data converter (ADC, DAC) based interface chip for programming and readout of memristor data for learning and fuzzy logic applications.

01. December 2021: Inovato o.z., Continium Technology s.r.o. and other business partners like IPCEI participant Bizzcom s.r.o., Neuromorphics Europe o.z.; Ilmsens (K-Mlab Kosice), SEMIKRON s.r.o. Vrbove, Slovak Technical University Bratislava, Technical University Kosice, SPSE Presov, and others elaborated a 30-page long “Proposal of basic inputs for the discussion on the creation of the Slovak National Strategy for Microelectronics” for the Slovak government.

25. May 2021: Continium Technologies as coordinator applied together with its research partners from 3 different EU countries with the proposal “MIMO-reconfigAD” for project funding within the EU program HORIZON.
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07. April 2021: Continium Technologies s.r.o. was selected as the Slovak candidate for the Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) in the field of microelectronics.
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22. March 2021: Continium Technologies s.r.o. applied for the Slovakian Ministry of Economics Call for Expression of Interest for participation in an Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI) on Microelectronics II.
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1. March 2021: Continium Technologies KG of  D-83043 Bad Aibling, applied for the German Ministry of Economics  (BMWi) Call for Expression of Interest for participation in an Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI) on Microelectronics II and has been selected for the 2nd round (23-24 March 2021) based on the 10-page application letter.
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