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Project Manager for Electronic product development

Location: Kosice and Bratislava/ Slovakia and Germany/Bavaria


* Communication and cooperation with Continium’s sites and customers
* Tracking project schedule in the design: schematic-ready or layout-ready
* Resource planning and reporting status of the development process
* organizing reviews of deliverables: circuits, hardware code, mask layout, GDS2 data sets
* installing scripts and PDK (process development kits) to enable circuit designer’s work
* Negotiation of technical content with customers, partners, and suppliers
* Development of system implementation concepts in the context of customer quote and order processing
* Implementation of requirements analysis and management, project documentation
* Writing technical documentation and application letters for developed electronic products

Qualifications  (professionals or graduates)

* University degree or technical college education background with analytical thinking
* Basic understanding of electronic product design
* Experience with Microsoft project planner or Gannt tools
* Unix/Linux skills would be beneficial
* Experience with internet-based home office work (TeamViewer or WebEx meetings)
* Knowledge of German or English language on an advanced level

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