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Power Consumption: 5G Basestations Are Hungry, Hungry Hippos

Dan Jones (LightReading) March 2019

“Challenges of 5G deployment, according to Zhengmao Li, EVP China Mobile (biggest operator on the world).
1. 5G needs 3 X base stations for same coverage as LTE due to higher frequencies
2. Power consumption of a 5G base staion is 3 X LTE
3. 5G base station costs 4 X price of LTE”

China Telecom plans 5X boost in 5G CAPEX

Robert Clark /Light Reading, March 2020

“China Telecom…. the operator, which has clocked up 10.73 million 5G subscribers, expects to spend  $6.4 billion  on 5G in 2020 – up from a thrifty $1.3 billion last year (2019).”

“….It built 40,000 5G basestations and co-shared another 20,000 with China Unicom in 2019, covering 50 cities under a network-sharing arrangement…..”