20b-linear 100MS/s DAC

20b-linear 100MS/s DAC (Digital/Analog Converter) with 98dB SNR in 300kHz

  • Implementation technology: X-FAB 180nm SOI (XT018) 5+1 Metal, Double-MiM Cap for high linearity and low temp. coeff.
  • Architecture: digital oversampling Sigma-Delta Modulator with 38 current-steering cells and 2-stage 3rd order analog active-RC reconstruction filtering with two fully differential Voltage Amplifiers
  • Power Supply: 1.8Vdd analog & digital core, 5Vdd analog power output
  • 20bit 10MS/s digital input interpolated (10x, 20x) to 100MS/s as oversampling Sigma-Delta Modulator input
  • 3 different digital scrambler/randomizer implemented: Dynamic Element Matching (DEM), Data Weighted Averaging (DWA)
  • fully differential 2-stage analog signal path with out-of-band noise filtering (> 1,25MHz)

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